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Can Paint Colours Really Affect Your Mood in Your Home?

17 June 2021

There are so many little things that affect our mood – from the food we eat and scents we smell, to the people and sights we surround ourselves with.

One such sight that is everywhere in your home is painted walls and colour schemes.

Most people have an idea of what colours represent what and everyone has their own individual preferences when it comes to the colour themes in the home.

Yet, do the paint colours you choose really affect your mood inside your own home?

Read more from the Perth painters at Contrast Painting to find out.


The entry to your home

First impressions count, so it’s vital you make an excellent one for the entry to your home.

Consider this:

·         Want to express an energetic lifestyle? Utilise bright colours or even a feature wall to create a strong impression that makes you happy to be home.

·         Want to exude a sense of calm? Classic neutral colours and shades of white in your interior entryway will highlight a contemporary, yet classic feel, and a soft, inviting and calm ambience to your home.

The colours of your home don’t have to just impress your guests. Remember, it’s you who will spend the most time in your home, so how the colours make you feel is of utmost importance.


Blissful bedroom colours


The bedroom is where you relax, rest and retreat to after a long and tiring day.

If you’re a troubled sleeper, who finds it difficult to switch off, changing up your existing bedroom paint colours could help.

For example:

·         Dusty rose colours can evoke relaxation and romance, whereas

·         Dark greys and navy can have you envisioning drifting off to sleep on a pillowy, soft cloud.

One thing for sure is to avoid the colour yellow in the bedroom due to its association with brightness and the sun.


Lift your living space


What colours work well in a living room? Half of the choosing is knowing your own colour preferences; the other half is knowing colour psychology.

What does this mean?

·         Navy blue is soothing and sophisticated – which will help you keep calm and carry on living in your living space.

·         Shades of white and earthy greens can bring you closer to nature and being in nature enhances pleasant emotions in so many of us.

The different lifestyles everyone has may influence the colours favourited in the living room, but we all should reflect on the colours that evoke positive emotions, rather than negative ones.


A kindly kitchen

For many households, the kitchen is the hub of activity. As such, it needs to seamlessly match and flow with the rest of your home’s colour theme. Going green in the living room? Consider the same for your kitchen.

Remember the importance of tonal contrast (using light tones and dark tones together).

Not sure where to start? Contrast Painting will help you choose the best paint colours to enhance how you feel in your home and about your home.


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