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Finding the Best Colour for Your Bedroom

11 December 2020

The colour scheme of your bedroom is more important than you would think. After all, the average person spends 33 years of their life in bed! 

We’re not saying the colour of your bedroom will stick with you from birth, to adolescent years, to adulthood, but it should really reflect who you are, and set the tone for a restful sleep. 

Want to know the best paint tones to put your mind at ease and body ready for slumber, but also reflect your overall style? 

Read more from the Perth house painter specialists at Contrast Painting to find out. 


Which mood suits you best? 

Colour tones really do set our moods and influence emotions. So, consider the mood you want your bedroom to reflect. 

Here’s what to consider: 

  • Do I want to feel cosy? 

  • Relaxed or energised? 

  • Clean, clear and/or fresh? 

The choice is up to you, and your colour dreams can turn into stunning reality when you choose a house painter in Perth from Contrast Painting.  

Read on for some colour inspiration. 


A soft and gentle bedroom setting 

You may desire a gentle oasis and hideaway for your bedroom.  

This feel can be achieved with muted pastels, which enhance and freshen up bedroom backgrounds. 

Create the illusion of added space with black 

It’s often thought that white shades add the illusion of space, but black can, too. 

This is especially true if your bedroom lacks natural light sources. 

Be careful not to overindulge in darkness though... Talk to professional painter Perth specialists to find the happy medium between light and darkness. 


Cool and soothing colours 

We love being cosy in winter with warm bedding and added blankets. Such comfort is lost though, on balmy summer nights.  

Sleep hygiene experts recommend an optimal temperature of a bedroom be between 15 and 19 degrees Celsius.  

Cool colours like light blues and pale greys will aid in soothing and cooling you if you live in humid and hot climates. 


The gorgeous versatility of green 

Green is a versatile colour for bedrooms. Green somehow brings an abundance of energy and equal amount relaxation to any room, including bedrooms. 

You can opt for light green for a youthful touch, or even deep green for prosperity and revitalisation. 

Of course, green is also synonymous with nature which is very grounding, and grounding is perfect for sleep! 


Contrast Painting have the house painter Perth services you need 

At Contrast Painting, we know the importance of colour in interior design. We know how much colour shapes people and reflects their individual selves. Ultimately, your colour palette is yours to envision. 

It’s because of our dedication and commitment to clients that we’re proud to be the residential house painter Perth team that people know and trust. 

We can happily assist with: 

  • Painting services for new and existing homes, 
  • Large or small family homes, 
  • Heritage houses or apartments, and  
  • Any other residential property. 
  • Did you know we are also well-equipped and proficient in decorative and commercial painting in Perth? 

Contact Contrast Painting today for a professional Perth painting service that combines European quality with on-time and on-budget service. 

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