Specialist Painting

Contrast Painting are the Expert Specialist Painters in Perth

Decorative Painting Perth

Trust Contrast Painting for Decorative & Luxury Painting in Perth

Perth is a mix of old and new, whether you are restoring an old home feature or creating something new with that aged and decorative effect, our painters are ready to help. Our painters are extra passionate when you have a precious feature or looking to add style, we will take extra care painting your much loved feature or wall space.

Contrast Painting Perth specialises in venetian plaster and polished plaster. Whether Marmorino, Veneziano, Grey, White or any colour in between we will be proud to decorate your walls.

Our second-generation European painters offer perfection here in Perth. We have mastered applying wallpaper, venetian plaster, suede and texture coating. Trust your truly luxury finishes to our expert painting team or ask us for our advice before proceeding on your next project.

We can also help with a range of specialist painting for:

  • French wash painting effects
  • Gilding touch ups and repaints
  • Wall ageing effect painting
  • Marbling and marble wall effects
  • Painting rust wall for that rusted effect
  • Painting metallics and pearl finishes
  • Concrete walls and concrete finishing effects
  • Chalk paint and blackboard walls
  • Antique skirting touch-ups and repaints
  • High ceiling and chapel roof painting
  • Wallpaper removal, installation, and replacement

Our team of experienced painters will come to you and review the site or project area. Before we start, we will seal and patch holes, fill in gaps and cracks, and scrape flaking areas. If the project requires, we can also seal water-damaged areas, and apply anti-fungal acrylic paint to keep the room fresh and finished for years to come.