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What are the Differences Between Residential Painting and Commercial Painting?

25 October 2020

Buildings need paint, there’s no doubt about it. Whether it’s a residential dwelling or a commercial premise, interior or exterior painting services exist and serve to freshen up a property.

So, what’s the difference between residential painting and commercial painting?

Well, it has to do with the Perth painting contractor you hire.

Want to know the differences and who to trust for residential painter Perth services and commercial painter Perth services?

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Residential and commercial painting summarised

You will find that many Perth painting contractor services offer the same kinds of painting services, yet only focusing on either residential or commercial painting services.


·         Residential and commercial painting differ in size, scale and,

·         Require a different skillset and approach.

Let’s look further into the differences between residential painter Perth service and commercial painter Perth services. 

It depends on size and scale

The main difference between residential and commercial painting jobs is the size and scale of the project.

·         Where a building needs multiple floors and a multitude of space painted, that’s when you’d need commercial painting Perth.

·         A two-storey or single storey home is perfect for residential painting Perth, however for larger projects like a strata building (apartments, horizontal subdivisions), a commercial painter is your best bet.


Differing equipment and materials

Think any painter can do any job with any paintbrush and paint? Think again!

The painting equipment and materials for a single-storey home just wouldn’t cut it for safely carrying out a skyscraper painting job.

How so?

·         For example, a residential painter would be very familiar with sheetrock textures and composite siding elements on many homes, while

·         Commercial buildings don’t have these, rather they have specialised materials for smooth exterior surfaces that only a commercial painter Perth contractor would be highly skilled in handling.

What else can commercial painters do that residential painters can’t?

·         Complete painting work that requires special tools and equipment like sandblasting, electrostatic painting, faux finishing, epoxy floor installation and more, handling industrial-grade supplies and utilising cherry pickers and/or paint sprayers.

If your painting requirements and location isn’t as cut and dry, it’s worth contacting a Perth painting company to find out exactly the person, team and company that can meet and exceed your painting expectations.

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