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Should I sand between coats of paint?

27 June 2022

Are the walls in the living area and the bedroom a tad out of date?

Maybe your bathroom has lost its lustre? Does the study room make you less than inspired to get on with your work? The list can go on for reasons your interior rooms may need to be repainted.  

As you make your way through your DIY painting process, you would have heard the term sanding come up. Do you know what it is? Better yet, are you aware of why it is an important step to consider when painting your home in Perth? Today, we explore this topic in detail. 


Firstly, why should you sand while painting? 


Sanding can single handedly be the difference between a good paint job, and sub-par paint job. If the surface has a lot of loose or peeling paint, sanding should remove most, if not all, of the old paint, which will help the paint adhere better to the surface. If your home has been painted by latex paint, this normally doesn’t adhere well to a smooth surface that was already painted with oil-based paint. 


When is the right time to sand my walls?


After establishing the sheer importance of sanding, let us address the elephant in the room. Should you sand between coats of paint, or only at the start before you put paint to the wall? Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all answer. You’ll have to assess what to do, and weigh some factors before deciding if sanding between coats is necessary. 


Where is it you are painting?  


Individuals in Perth opt to sand in-between coats of paint to achieve a perfect, silky smooth layer of paint. For most drywall interior painting projects, sanding is not necessary. Normally, small imperfections, fuzzing from the roller, or debris in the paint are hard to notice on walls that are painted with satin or flat paints finishes.  However, if you’re using high gloss paint, painting kitchen cabinets, or painting a wall that is very well-lit and visible, you might want to sand it between coats of paint. 


How long can this painting project in Perth take? 


To adequately and thoroughly sand a wall, particularly in-between your coats of paint, you will need to allow for a dry time of  a minimum of 24 hours. This could extend your Perth painting project out by several days. Take this into account when you are planning your painting project, and allow for extra days. 


Our parting advice to sanding in-between your coats of paint…


When painting a wall that has been previously painted, it is important to sand between coats so as not leave any ridges or impressions. Otherwise the next layer will stick out like a sore thumb, and create more work for yourself in the end. You can use something like this handy drywall pole if you find yourself in need of extra support while doing your final touches. 


If you are feeling a tad overwhelmed by the process it takes to paint or repaint your Perth home, you can always leave it to the experts. How about saving time and just enjoying your freshly painted space, by contacting your favourite team at Contrast Painting in Perth. We are a mere phone call away, so be sure to get in touch. 

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