Keep Your Painted Walls Looking New

Alright, so you have completed a professional paint work for your residential walls

Alright, so you have completed a professional paint work for your residential walls.

Now, the key is in the upkeep. Today, at Contrast Painting, we are sharing some of our professional top tips to ensure your painted walls look and feel brand new.

#1 Dust your walls to ensure they stay clean

When it comes to the rooms in your home, the easiest way to get rid of the dust, debris and cobwebs is to use a dust cloth, or we recommend you use a long-handled sweeper. Do this every couple of months for upkeep. We implore you to clean dust in rooms regularly as failing to do so can shorten the lifespan of your paint.

Top tip: Don’t forget the ceiling. Despite there being gravity, some airborne dust still collects up there.

#2 Remember to wash your kitchen and bathroom walls

After cooking or having a shower, debris can often collect on our walls. The steam from our showers, and the food from our kitchen can cause paint to wear down over time. The same theme follows through with rooms that have a fireplace or wood burning. Gently rub the walls with the use of a sponge, and soap over impacted areas. Then follow through with a dry towel to dab down on moisture.

#3 Test painted walls before cleaning them

It is perfectly safe to wash gloss or semi gloss paint. This is the paint you often find in kitchens and bathrooms.  Most modern flat and satin paints are also washable, but always test them first. If paint chalks off on your sponge, don’t wash that wall paint. You can ask us about this when you get in touch.

#4 Pay attention to high traffic areas

This one goes without saying. Even if your busy schedule does not permit you to clean an entire room every time, head-to-toe, be sure to focus on the high traffic zones of a room. Consider the areas around switches and thermostats. Another key spot is the area behind the sofa where somebody’s hair might be or on the walls behind TVs. If dusting doesn’t get rid of the debris, wash the area thoroughly.

#5 Regularly touch up damage

Maintenance is unavoidable when it comes to your wall paint. To keep paint looking new and fresh, touch it up as soon as damage occurs. Sand and touch up a scraped or chipped surface, feathering the paint over the surrounding area. Remember to always fill the holes first.

Contact a Perth painter for all your painting needs

Is all of this overwhelming to keep on top of? Then speak to a Perth painter who has your back. At the end of the day, we all lead busy lives, and keeping on top of your paint works is an agenda item that can sit on the backburner. Entrusting an expert to take care of your painting maintenance can be a welcome stress relief for busy households. Speak to us today to restore any painting work in your home.

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