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How Long Does an Interior Paint Job Last?

15 August 2022

Whether your interior paint job is completed by your team at Contrast Painting or you decide to DIY it; an interior painting project is a significant investment and task to undertake. Like every investment, you want the results to last, and to add value to your home. Luckily, your interior paint does not have to be subject to external influences like wind or weather, however, that does not mean it doesn’t need maintenance of some description. 
What is the lifespan of an interior painting job? Don’t worry, our team are exploring interior paint jobs to help you understand what to expect. 


#1 It depends on the room 

Some rooms in the home can expect to see more traffic than other parts of the house. This is normal. Your home will always have places where people congregate. The heavy foot traffic spaces can expect to be more susceptible to damage, than rooms that don’t see much activity. 
On the other side, if you look at your quieter spaces, like a guest bedroom or even your master bedroom, you may not need to consider a new coat of paint for a decade or even longer. Bathrooms and living rooms however can expect a recoat every few years to keep the space looking vibrant.


#2 The quality of the paint and the finish matters 

You get what you pay for. This popular saying holds its weight in gold. The rule is incredibly prevalent with your painting choices. If you decide to paint your interiors with the cheapest paint on the market, you can expect it to not hold up as well as high-quality paint. Not to mention cheaper paint often doesn’t look as good either. 
If you would like advice on paint choices, you can always ask our team, and we will gladly point you in the right direction. If you decide to use a different painting contractor, be sure to check that they use high-quality paint and have a good warranty.


#3 Remember to touch up when necessary 

Keep your walls clean, and touch them up when it's needed. Regular maintenance in the form of dusting, scrubbing, vacuuming and wiping are key components to ensuring your interior paint looks good as new. Whenever your paint experiences some deterioration or damage, consider a touch-up. Minor surface level scuffs can seem like nothing, but over time these add up and can lead to more damage down the road.
Speak to our house painters in Perth today for all your interior painting queries. At Contrast Painting, we take pride in being Perth’s go-to painting service provider. We specialise in interior painting jobs across Perth. If you feel like the task is too large for you to take the DIY route, we can also take over and complete the work with minimal disruption to your week. We also explore choosing the right interior paint finish in our recent article, which you can read here. Anyway, speak to our Perth painting service team right away!

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