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How to Choose the Right Interior Paint Finish

13 April 2022

Just as significant as the colour selection itself, is to the paint finish you choose for the interior of your home in Perth.
Typically, there are three conventional groupings: flat & matte, eggshell & satin, along with semi-gloss & high-gloss. Having a working understanding of each type available is a crucial asset when painting your internal walls, accents and ceilings. 
As house painters Perth, we have explored the characteristics of each finish, to ensure you choose the right interior paint for your home. 

Perth painting: Flat and matte 

Elegant in its subtlety, flat paint is ideal for surfaces with visible imperfections, as it works to disguise. Flat and matte paint finishes project no level of shine, ensuring very minimal reflection of light, further assisting in hiding blemishes. The smooth coverage, of this finish, has a modest chalk-like texture, and it supports in establishing a timeless aesthetic. Whilst its camouflaging agents are particularly appealing, especially over time as cracks and dents become more of a problem. Flat and matte paint is best in rooms of little traffic flow. However, given that it is not glossy at all, this finish is slightly more difficult to clean than the others.


Perth painting: Eggshell and satin 

Not unlike the complexion of an egg, displaying only a small percentage of shine, eggshell and satin finishes are the middle ground when it comes to paint. Profoundly favoured in a family home or in heavily frequented rooms, eggshell and satin paint conceal flaws, and make surfaces incredibly easy to clean. Needless to say, these finishes are ideal for children’s bedrooms, hallways, main living spaces, and even doors. Courtesy of its hard-wearing properties, satin paint is not only limited to walls, doors, and ceilings, as it is commonly applied to windows and trims also. The velutinous appearance only adds to the benefits of this versatile finish. 



Perth painting: Semi-Gloss and high-gloss

Attributable to its durable nature in exposure to humidity, and the fact it is almost effortless to clean, semi-gloss paint is extremely popular in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Whilst semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes are eminently reflective, exposure to sunlight can sometimes create glare. From the alluring, high-end look of a high-gloss wall, to the cohesive contrast of gloss trims against matte features, semi-gloss and high-gloss paints add to the overall sense of completion in an interior space. Unfortunately, this kind of paint is not terribly forgiving to the appearance of brush strokes, therefore, having your job done by a Perth painting service provider is highly recommended to ensure flawless coverage. 
Choosing the best finish for your walls can be quite a time-consuming process, due to the conflicting requirements to cater to the nature of each room, and accentuating elements, such as trims, skirting, windows, and doors.
Explore our residential painting services today. Our experienced team at Contrast Painting Perth are happy, and available to advise and support you in your painting project. Get in touch with us today.  

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