4 Benefits to Painting Your Warehouse’s Exterior

We talk a lot about maintaining our homes, but what about our businesses?

We talk a lot about maintaining our homes, but what about our businesses?

The exterior of a warehouse is often an afterthought for many business owners, as what’s most important is the work that happens inside.

While this is true, there exists many benefits to painting your warehouse’s exterior that add to the appeal, longevity and therefore make for a good business decision.

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1.   Paint maintains your warehouse

Did you know that paint is actually the first defence against many weather elements that may damage a building’s surface? And a very good one at that, if applied by a professional painter Perth team.

How so?

·         A new paint job will protect your warehouse against Perth’s harsh UV rays, high winds and general weathering.

·         With faded and peeling paint, the protective coating is lost, which is necessary to the health of your warehouse’s exterior.

A fresh and professional repainting will deter the potential problems we’ll discuss below.

2.   Use paint to fight rust

Metal siding is an exceedingly popular choice for many residential and commercial buildings due to its longevity and ability to achieve modern, traditional and even industrial-style facades.

However, metal, as we know, opens up the possibility of rust. Rust neither looks good, nor is it good for structural integrity.

So, what can you do?

·         Hire a commercial painter Perth company to paint your metal siding warehouse exterior.

·         This will seal off the exterior to moisture, assisting the integrity of the metal over time.

3.   Protect other warehouse exteriors with paint

If metal isn’t your warehouse exterior choice, then chances are, block or tilt-up (otherwise known as tilt-slab or tilt-wall) concrete is.

These materials can get compromised over time by:

·         The sun,

·         Moisture, and

·         Extreme weather conditions.

Using paint on your concrete warehouse exterior holds many advantages, such as:

·         Improving water and ice resistance,

·         Hot and cold temperature resistance,

·         Mould, mildew and pest-proofing, and

·         Adds a personal touch to your business.

More than just a surface decoration, painting your warehouse’s exterior is a protective step you can take for the structural integrity of your setting.

4.   Make a good first impression

We all love a good first impression, and more than often your building entrance and facade is the first contact your business makes with customers.

If you have clients, patrons and customers visiting your warehouse, you will want to make a great first impression, not just with service, but with setting, too.

So, don’t neglect your warehouse exterior! After all, the exterior of a building (including warehouses) says a lot about the organisation held within its wall.

Don’t have clients, patrons and customers come to your warehouse? Well, then what about your staff and even you? Give them and you another reason to be happy to come to work.

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