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7 Steps to Preparing a Room for Interior Painting

07 November 2020

People paint for many reasons – for a fresh look, a new feature colour and/or to update tired walls on the interior and exterior of a building.

Like a canvas to an artist, interior painters in Perth, too, need a blank slate to create something beautiful for your home.

Read more from house painter Perth professionals at Contrast Painting on how to prepare a room for interior painting in 7 easy steps. 

1.    Take down everything from the walls

Posters, picture frames, mirrors and clocks all make a house a home, but are the first things that need tending to when it comes to preparing a room for your house painter Perth.

Remove nails and pins too, so your Perth house painter will be welcomed with a completely bare wall (or walls). 

2.    Move furniture (temporarily)

A work of art needs a comfortable, easily accessible space to create in.

So, what needs to go to help your painter Perth pro?

· Beds – mattress, pillows, frames and headboards,

· Tables, side tables, chest of drawers and bookcases,

· Desks and desk chairs,

· Anything and everything else that could be a tripping hazard or get paint on it.

If you cannot store these items in a separate location, the middle of the room is fine.

3.    Cover any furniture left in the room

You can do this with plastic tarps, old blankets, sheets and/or towels.

4.    Be electrical safe

Light switches and outlet covers may not seem like much of an interior painting obstacle, but they could end up a whole new colour if left uncovered!

Unscrew the covers and store in a safe location until your interior painting is complete.

Your interior painter Perth artist will thank you for making their job easier.

5.    A quick but thorough surface dusting

Now that everything is moved out of the room or out of the way, give the room a preliminary clean.


· Dust the remaining surface, including the walls, and

· Vacuum the dust to avoid it floating around in the air.

The easiest way to do this is with a damp cloth, so no particle is missed.

6.    Scrub, scrub, scrub!

Think your cleaning duties are over? Almost, but not yet…because it’s time to scrub the walls.

With water and a durable cloth, attack your walls and hone in on any marks, stains or wall blemishes.

Why should you do this?

To help ensure no existing particles interfere with the fresh paint coats that your Perth painter applies and adheres to the interior walls.

7.    Carpet and flooring control

Last, but certainly not least – don’t forget to protect the interior floors.

How can you do this?

· Several layers of newspaper, or

· Tarp.

This step ensures no paint drips onto your carpet and flooring and saves clean up time and effort.

Choosing a Perth painter

A house painter Perth extraordinaire will ensure your interior walls sparkle and shine again.

Doing these simple steps before we arrive ensures a timely, efficient painting project success.

Trust in Contrast Painting for quality service and all things interior painting Perth.

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