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3 Concentration and Productivity Boosting Colours to Utilise in the Workplace

30 June 2021

Colours do more than lighten up (or darken down) and add style to a room.
The paint colours we choose have somewhat of an effect on our mood and emotion in our homes and also the office. Sure, office lighting, electrical efficiency, temperature and dare we say, tea or coffee, do a lot to enhance concentration and productivity – but so do some paint colours.
Want to know 3 colours that boost concentration and productivity in the workplace?
Read more from the Perth commercial painters at Contrast Painting to find out.

  1. Blue

Shades of blue are often associated with contemplation, reflection and relaxation. However, how we all react to different colours in a room is dependent on the context.
For example, we’re all psychologically wired to respond positively to blue.
  • Blue is the colour of water and the sky which are what our planet and ourselves depend on to survive.
  • As such, cool, subtle blue colourings are welcomed in office and intellectual settings where teamwork, communication and level-headed meetings are required.
Relax and reassure your staff and your clients or customers by adding a touch of blue to the key meeting areas and interiors of your building.
  1. Green

Green is a secondary colour brought about by mixing the primary colours blue (like water) and yellow (like sunshine). Green across continents and cultures is associated with nature and wellness.
Why choose green colours in your workplace?
  • Green can inspire creativity in the office and motivate workers to be more productive.
  • There are so many different hues of green to choose from that, with the expert advice of a commercial painter, can be experimented with to achieve different results.
Adding a fresh coat of green paint to your building can bring that boost of concentration and productivity that the old wall colours (or lack thereof) just didn’t serve.
  1. Orange

Who would have thought the colour orange could boost concentration and productivity in the workplace? It does so by adding a sense of warmth to liven the space (or spaces) up a fraction.
Orange can drive the positive energy that can then be channelled into the intellectual buzz brought on by the blue spaces.

Where is orange suitable?

  • In social spaces such as the kitchen or break room.

How does it work?
  • Warm orange shades can add zest to revive energy, refocus worker concentration and stimulate communication.

Remember not to overwhelm with wall-on-wall orange. Consider instead an orange feature wall to draw focus without overpowering the space.

Choose the right commercial painters

Are you interested in utilising the above colours in your workplace but not sure where they would suit or how much is too much? You’re right – there is a fine line when it comes to fantastic painting results and colour placement.
Contrast Painting are the expert commercial painters who will listen to your painting visions and are wholeheartedly dedicated to bringing them to life.
Contact Contrast Painting in Perth today for professional painting service and results every time.

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