Why does paint peel?

The purpose of paint is to provide a functional and decorative coating to a surface.

The purpose of paint is to provide a functional and decorative coating to a surface.

Of course, paint protects these surfaces too, and is a great way to make a space cohesive, colourful and theme friendly.

Peeling paint is something you want to avoid. Why? Because it’s more than an eye sore – it’s a potential health hazard.

Want to know the reasons why your paint is peeling? Read more from the professional Perth painters at Contrast Painting to find out.



Moisture identified on surfaces is indicative of a poor ventilation system behind it.

This means humidity can play a big part in peeling and therefore, destroying your paint.


·         Humidity will cause the paint to separate and also,

·         Provide an unwanted breeding ground for mould and mildew (which you unfortunately can’t paint over).

Pay attention to the paint in your bathroom and if you do a DIY painting touch-up – use only moisture resistant paint.


Inadequately prepared surfaces


It’s more than just the type of paint that’s used when it comes to keeping your paint peel-free and long-lasting. A lot of how your painted walls and other surfaces stand up comes down to the workmanship involved.

What does this mean?

·         Dirty, unprepared surfaces will all but guarantee your paint won’t stick and wow with its results.

·         Mould and mildew will grow, breaking through the paint, causing it to peel, warp and turn ugly.

Ensure there’s absolutely no water damage to your surfaces before or after painting and the area has optimal ventilation to minimise the risks of ruined paint caused by mould.

Remember removal of mould-affected-paint is dangerous and shouldn’t be undertaken by the everyday resident.


Incorrect paint and insufficient paint work


Not all paints are the same. It’s one of the basic rules of exterior and interior painting.

For example, you have your oil-based paints and latex paints – do not mix them.

There’s differences in pigments, resins and solvents too – which influence their quality.

Confused? Don’t worry. Rely on professional Perth painters to know which paints to use and the right painting brushes, tools and techniques to ensure optimal strokes and coats.



It’s said, ‘good things come to those that wait,’ but that’s not always the case when it comes to paint.

Wear and tear can ultimately affect the look and function of your paint, and to maintain painted surfaces – repainting is necessary.


Water and weather


Water = moisture and moisture is the biggest cause of peeling paint. Did you know that peeling paint can indicate that it’s time to clear your gutters?

When water gets into and onto things it shouldn’t (like behind walls and paint), it will let you know.

Naturally, different weather conditions can affect your paint. While we can’t control the weather, it’s still worth understanding.


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