Guide to rental property painting in Perth

With the help of the Perth residential painters at Contrast Painting, you can learn the best way to paint your rental home.

With the help of the Perth residential painters at Contrast Painting, you can learn the best way to paint your rental home.


The benefits of painting rental properties can be huge for successful landlords. Painting your rental properties will help you attract high-quality tenants and keep your property in good condition for the long-term.


It can be more complicated than you think when specialist painting is required for a rental home, but don’t worry, here are our expert tips and hints on how to make this task easier.



Choose the right shades

Your personal preference might be for bright, bold colours but neutral colours work best when you are painting a rental property. Because you want your rental property to be appealing to as many potential renters possible, this is important. This will not happen if you add too much of yourself to the decoration. It is better to choose neutral colours and tans over bright colours and bold patterns.


Once you have completed painting the walls in that colour, pick a light shade of white to paint the trim and voila, your new paint will make it easy for renters to imagine themselves living happily on your property.



Pick the right kind of paint

There are many paint options available, and not all paints are the same. Semi-gloss paint is a better choice for a rental property than others because it’s easier to clean. You can wipe away any dirt and scuff marks from tenants moving in or out, which can help you avoid having to repaint after every tenant has left.



Prepare before you start


People are so focused on getting walls painted that they neglect to prepare. Drop cloths should be used to cover any furniture that is not easily moved, and to tape off the areas you don’t wish the paint to go.


Here are some tricks to help you properly mask a space


  • Use 2-inch-wide painter’s tape to cover the walls when you paint trim. For paint to not get on the wall, the tape should be placed at the trim’s edge.
  • Drop cloths are a good way to protect your carpet while you paint. Masking tape can be used to secure the drop cloths.
  • Use masking tape to cover door and window hardware.
  • Mask a light fixture that you are painting by covering it with a large trash bag and securing the bag with masking tape.


You don’t just need to mask the room before you begin painting. These are some tips to make sure your luxury painting job goes smoothly


  • You can remove the plates from electrical switches and outlets to paint around these areas.
  • Take out curtains.
  • You should remove any nails that are stuck to the wall.
  • Fill in any gaps on the wall, so that they can be painted over easily.
  • You can clean the walls with water and dishwashing soap.

You must also follow a certain process when painting and that means doing the trims in rooms first. Once they are dry, you can begin painting the walls.


Some cases, such as painting areas in mold or smoking residue, will require you to use other preparations. If you have a particular problem, make sure you do your research to ensure that you get the job done correctly.



Get the right tools for the job


Without the right tools, specialist painting a rental property is difficult. This job will require more than just a few brushes.


It can seem overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ll help.

  • Rollers – If you are painting large flat areas, you will need a roller. You can do a lot of work quickly with this tool. You will need a tray to hold your paint if you use a roller.
  • Brushes – If you are painting trim or repairing damaged areas, an angled brush is the best choice. A smaller brush allows for more detail.
  • Sprayers – These are more expensive than brushes and rollers but can be used to quickly complete large paint jobs (typically faster than a roller). Sprayers are easier to use and produce a better finish than rollers.


These are just a few other tools you might want to try:

  • Attach an extension to your roller to increase its reach and paint difficult-to-reach places.
  • A sturdy aluminium bench for reaching high places –
  • Protective eyewear – You’ll need to protect your eyes, especially when you’re painting the ceiling (frequent drips are common).


Whatever tools you decide to go with make sure that they are high-quality or your luxury painting job won’t turn out the way you want it.



Follow the right process


You’ve done all the preparations. Now it’s time for painting! Grab your tools and start painting! Here’s how you can get started.


  • Primer is required if the paint you are using does not contain primer. This can be done with a roller.
  • Paint the trim first before painting the walls. You must first mask the room correctly.
  • You can paint the walls once the trim paint has dried. You will begin by painting the edges of the walls with an angled brush. After you’re done, you can use a roller or a brush to paint the wall using a continuous “W” or “M”.
  • To get the best results, you might consider applying a second coating of paint.


When you’re done painting, don’t forget about cleaning up the tools. You can reuse your tools next time you want to paint.



Find the best people for the job

If you don’t have the time or desire to paint your property, you can always hire help from expert Perth residential painters.


Contrast Painting offers both residential and commercial painting services by skilled and experienced professionals. We only use the finest materials and prepare every job thoroughly before starting.


Contact us today if you’re looking for Perth residential painters to upgrade your home with  quality luxury painting.

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