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Why Cheap Painters are Too Good to be True

31 May 2021

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of things in life that are too good to be true. If something doesn’t sit well with you, it’s always the best choice to stick with your gut instincts.

When it comes to professional trades around the home or at work, it’s important that you’re getting a top-quality service, affordability is just an added bonus.

Why? Because you deserve a home and/or workplace that’s functional and pleasing to the eye.

So, you should really think twice about choosing the offer that sounds too good to be true.

Want to know why cheap painters are too good to be true?

Read more from the professional Perth painters at Contrast Painting to find out.


Inferior finishes


Cheap painters aim to make a profit by hiring inexpensive labour. This likely means utilising inefficient and low-grade paint, tools and equipment.

Contrary to popular belief, residential, commercial and decorative painting is not unskilled labour work.

In fact, professional Perth painters like the team at Contrast Painting rely on:

·         Skilful attention to detail

·         Industry expertise and experience

·         Perfectionism paving (or painting) the way for exceptional project standards.

Let’s see where cheap painters also fall flat:

·         Little to no preparation

·         Higher risk of watered-down paint

·         Greater potential for damage to flooring and nearby furniture,

You’ll probably get a quicker turnaround at a lower price, but at what cost?

Non-existent licences, insurance and/or contracts


Sure, you might have heard good things about your brother’s neighbour’s partner’s ex housemate doing an alright paint job a few years ago. However, you should definitely do more research when it comes to choosing the best Perth painter for your project.

Whether it’s in the home or office (or home office), you deserve quality painting services, provided by a licensed, insured painter.


·         Hiring painters without relevant insurance is extremely risky business, meaning you may be liable for anything that goes wrong.

·         A painter with no contracts up-front is one you shouldn’t consider. Written and signed contracts and paperwork before work is completed ensures expectations from both parties are set clear as day, not clear as mud.

Trust in a Perth painting company that is fully licensed, insured and utilise contracts on every job.

We give you peace of mind along with our outstanding painting results.


A lack of real customer referrals

A cheap painter who is unqualified, unlicensed, uninsured and basically providing inferior painting services will have little to no referrals to back up their work.

You need only look at the Google Reviews of a Perth painter to find out how impressed real clients are with their work.

Fortunately, you can always rely on Contrast Painting to provide high-quality finishes, decorative painting, all the advice and prep work you need for your next painting project.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask us any questions in relation to our processes, insurance and licenses.


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