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The Importance of Professional Strata Painting For Businesses

18 November 2022

We are sure you can agree that regardless of what business you’re in, your first impressions count. It’s essential for legitimising your business and helps create a positive impact on your end consumer. To put it simply, a professional paint job can make the difference between a sale or a lost opportunity.


So, how does strata painting fit in here?

First and foremost, a thorough strata painting service is NOT just your run-of-the-mill commercial painting service. It is specifically focused on large buildings, and it ensures that every part of your structure is handled with the utmost professionalism and detailed care. Premium strata painting helps professional businesses present an exterior that showcases the standard of business you offer. While most general commercial painters can manage a floor or two, it takes an experienced strata painter to handle high-rise buildings. That is something Contrast Painting can help with.

What does strata painting involve?

Strata painting involves a deep cleaning process, and scheduled maintenance amongst several other things.


  • Evaluate your property
  • Divide it into subdivisions and assign teams to each section or storey
  • In-depth concrete repairs, pressure washing, stain and graffiti removal, painting, stain prevention, coating and waterproof maintenance, aftercare, and retouching.

What is the benefit of strata painting after all?

  1. Your paint job will last longer

It is true, the costs associated with a professional strata painting service provider might be higher than an average commercial painter, but the longevity of the work will make up for it. As a strata painting service begins with a deep clean, all the dust, grime, and dirt gets stripped away before the project even begins. Upon completion, the walls are sealed with waterproof film and other coatings. This will protect your paint from UV rays and environmental damage, keeping your exterior looking fresh and new for far longer.


  1. Time is money, and with a strata painter, you save both

What is better, a one-time investment, or repeat painting and maintenance costs that occur every couple of years? If you ask us, we would rather go with the former. While no paint job lasts forever, a premium strata painting service will last for several years longer than any commercial painting counterpart. This is because of the process we use to get it looking the way it does. Plus, professional strata painters have an aftercare and maintenance process as part of their package.


  1. Top-to-bottom treatment

A commercial painter normally can only work on specific parts of a building. However, a strata painter in Perth will clean, paint, treat, and maintain every aspect of your building.  We leave no stone unturned.


  1. How about asbestos and lead?

Is your building a little bit older? Then you’ll want to work with a strata painter more than ever. When you’re dealing with asbestos and lead-based paint, there are very strict considerations that need to be noted. For one, this substance can’t be handled just like any other job. Professional strata painters are specially trained and know how to handle this.

Contrast Paintings serves as a licensed full-service Perth painting company. We have a trained and experienced team of painters in residential and commercial places. Contact us and get your strata painting underway.

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