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The Best Painting Preparations for Commercial Longevity

01 April 2021

There’s no doubt that you’ve put blood, sweat and tears into your business, if not literally, then definitely figuratively. A commercial premise is the home of your business, whether it’s a standalone building, office, warehouse or other commercial structure. 

As such, you’re probably interested in investing in your business and increasing its brand awareness and longevity. 

Commercial painting is a great investment to your business, whether you’re moving into a new office or in desperate need of renovation and a refresh. 

Want to know more about the best painting preparations you can make to enhance commercial longevity? 

Read more from the Perth commercial painters at Contrast Painting to find out. 


Why are commercial painting preparations essential? 

Preparing your commercial premises is essential, whether you do it prior to a Perth commercial painter working their magic or entrusting them to do so. 

Let’s walk you through why: 

  • Essentially, applying paint over unprepped surfaces is a disaster waiting to happen. 
  • It’s here that noticeable flaws like tiny holes, cracks, dirt, grease, grime, peeling, bubbling or flaking paint rear their ugly heads. 
  • Existing flaws, given permission to dwell and grow on the surface of new paint will dramatically lessen the lifespan and longevity of the new paint coating. 
  • Professional painting which encompasses thorough painting preparations is actually proven to enhance structural integrity of a building, too.

Now that you know why painting preparation is important for the aesthetic, functional and structural longevity of your business’ home, let’s explore what the preparations actually entail. 

What do commercial painting preparations look like? 

How should you prep your commercial building’s walls and surfaces for repainting? Here’s what you can do yourself, or make sure the Perth commercial painter do. 

At Contrast Painting, it looks like this: 

  • Masking and taping off any areas that don’t require our painting services and moving furniture to the middle of the room or out of the room to protect against accidental damage. 

  • Our expert Perth painters then thoroughly (but carefully) pressure wash each necessary surface to eradicate any existing dust, dirt and residue, 

  • Sand rough surfaces to create a seamlessly smooth and flawless finish, and 

  • Scrape away any damaged paint that wasn’t removed in the pressure washing process. 

  • Your Perth commercial painter will then patch small holes and cracks for the final finish. 

It is when and only when, the above steps are completed, that we get busy doing what we do best – professional, quality, commercial painting. 

Find out below, the professional commercial painters in Perth who can guarantee quality results. 


The commercial painters you need 

Contrast Painting are the Perth painting team you can rely on for your commercial painting projects. 


  • We thoroughly prep the site, ensuring no cut corners and no quick fixes, 

  • We take the utmost care and respect in our work, the settings and the results, and 

  • We have extensive experience in painting a variety of buildings from schools to shop fit outs, offices and mixed-use premises. 

Enjoy peace of mind for your next commercial painting project by using Contrast Painting

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