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Should I Paint Or Clad? Can I Paint My Cladding?

26 April 2022

When considering a renovation for the exterior of your home, homeowners in Perth have two options. They can either paint or they can clad.
As an exterior painter in Perth, we are going to explore the options you have, in order to provide you with the clarity you need to complete your Perth painting project.

Firstly, what is cladding?

Cladding is the material (whether it be timber, masonry, fibre cement or metal) that is attached to your home’s exterior to form an outer weatherproof skin. Newer products may combine several of the outlined materials, such as insulated aluminium panels or poly-timber composite boards.

How is it different from painting?

Cladding is known to be the less expensive alternative to exterior painting. However, it is known to fade over time and does require re-painting and other maintenance in the fullness of time. Picture a protective layer over a surface, similar to how your skin protects internal bones and organs. Cladding protects against the elements and shields against environmental conditions, providing thermal insulation and weather resistance.

Which way should I go?

As a society in Perth, we are becoming increasingly aware of the negative impact of plastic on our personal health as well as the environment. This has to be taken into consideration when you choose to add cladding to your home. Of course, there are more environmentally friendly cladding options out there like steel, timber, aluminium, stone veneer or render; but these options come at a price and higher maintenance.

How about painting your cladding?

The age-old solution, ‘why not both?’. If you decide to go with the cladding option, you can always paint your cladding. We here at Contrast Painting Perth have some advice on those wanting to amalgamate the best of the two. Here are some benefits to painting your cladding.
  • Colour choice: Whilst cladding comes in a lot of colours, everyone deserves a palette of options. This is why painting allows you to completely transform to your own style.
  • Maintenance: When you paint your cladding, you can significantly reduce the maintenance requirements of your exterior. By creating a slick surface over the surface, you will be able to simply sweep away all dirt and debris build up.
  • Longevity: Nothing sits for the long haul like a painting job on your timber cladding. Yes, there are cheaper options like oil or staining, but it doesn’t provide the same quality of look, nor does it stay for as long. This is because paint is more durable against the elements.
  • Protection: Paint provides a protective barrier over your exterior surfaces, stopping damage from both the rain and sun.
  • Repair: This might not be an obvious benefit, but if you have cladding that has been weathered and outdoors for a significant time then there might be little areas of minor damage.

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