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Painting Trends for Residential Spaces

03 September 2023

Painting is much more than just choosing a colour and slapping it on the wall; it’s about creating an ambiance, reflecting personality, and enhancing aesthetics. The charm of a well-painted space lies in its ability to morph the mundane into extraordinary, often transforming the vibe of an entire room with just a coat of paint.  

In Perth, a city marked by a harmonious blend of the traditional and the contemporary, residential painting trends are continuously evolving, providing homeowners with a spectrum of options to redefine their spaces. From muted pastels evoking a sense of tranquillity to the raw edginess of industrial finishes, painting trends are as diverse as they are captivating. In this article, we’ll delve into various painting trends that are currently shaping residential spaces in Perth, and how you, too, can imbue your home with these unique styles with the help of Contrast Painting Perth. 

Muted pastels 

Muted pastels bring an air of tranquillity. Soft peach, lavender, or mint green walls can be complemented with light-coloured furniture, subtle decor elements, and soft fabrics to enhance the calming effect. They work best in spaces meant for relaxation, like bedrooms. 

Tropical vibes 

Channel Perth's coastal essence with shades of vibrant teal, oceanic blue, and sunlit yellow. Enhance the atmosphere with murals or decals featuring palm trees, waves, or sunsets. Pair with natural textures like bamboo or rattan and add indoor plants for an authentic tropical ambiance. Simple drapes or blinds can also capture that breezy beachside feel. 

Venetian and polished plaster finishes 

Originating from Renaissance Italy, Venetian plaster has long been associated with luxury and elegance. The technique involves applying thin layers of plaster mixed with marble dust, which are then polished to achieve a smooth surface with the illusion of depth and texture. 

Marmorino, with its matte finish and visible textures, is great for exteriors. Veneziano, on the other hand, is known for its glossy finish, making interiors come alive. With the flexibility to customise the hue, be it grey, white, or any colour in between, Venetian plaster can seamlessly fit into any design theme. 

French wash painting effects 

The French wash effect is reminiscent of the sun-drenched walls in the French countryside. By layering diluted paint over a base coat, this technique creates a soft, mottled appearance. The final look, which is both romantic and rustic, is achieved by using natural brushes and a sponge, lending a touch of age-old European charm to the walls. 

Concrete walls and concrete finishing effects 

The love for minimalist, industrial aesthetics brings concrete finishes to the limelight. Achieving this look involves a blend of special paints and techniques to give walls a raw, unfinished appeal, synonymous with loft-style living. 

Marbling and marble wall effects 

Marbling is all about mimicking the intricate veins of natural marble. It’s a multi-step process, where glazes or diluted paint are manipulated with brushes, sponges, or rags to create the illusion of real marble. Skilled painters like the team at Contrast Painting can replicate the appearance of marble, lending luxury to walls, columns, or even ceilings. Adding a touch of regal elegance that is perfect for statement walls or columns. 

Rusted wall effects 

The industrial trend has brought with it the love for all things raw and edgy. The rusted wall effect, achieved through specialist paints and techniques, results in a wall that tells tales of time, reminiscent of abandoned warehouses and rustic factories. 

Gilding touch-ups and repaints 

Historically reserved for palaces and grand edifices, gilding involves applying thin sheets of gold to a surface. Whether used to accentuate decorative mouldings or to revive old gilded elements, the shimmering finish of gold leaf can introduce opulence to a space. Beyond gold, silver and copper leaf can offer cooler or warmer tones respectively. 

Metallics and pearl finishes 

Beyond the usual matte or glossy paints, there's a world of finishes that can make walls dazzle. As homeowners look for ways to make their spaces shimmer, metallics and pearl finishes have become popular choices. By mixing metallic mediums into paint or using metallic paints outright, walls can glisten, changing their appearance as light moves across them—making spaces feel brighter and more open. Pearl finishes, with their subtle sheen, can add sophistication and depth. 

Wall ageing effect 

Sometimes, the charm lies in the tales of yore. Achieving an aged look requires a combination of techniques. Using a base coat followed by a glaze, the paint is then expertly distressed, sometimes even chipped, to mimic the natural wear and tear of time. 

Chalk paint and blackboard walls 

Beyond just a functional space for notes and doodles, chalk and blackboard walls are fast becoming style statements. Chalk paints offer a matte, velvety texture. With a variety of hues available, from muted pastels to rich, deep tones, they provide an old-world charm to furniture and walls alike. 

Antique skirting touch-ups and repaints 

Skirtings, though often overlooked, frame a room. When adorned with antique finishes or intricate mouldings, they can elevate the overall design. Restoring or repainting these features requires precision, ensuring the intricate designs remain intact. 

High ceiling and chapel roof painting 

Tall ceilings, once the hallmark of old churches and chapels, are now coveted in homes. Painting these vast expanses demands skill, especially when intricate designs or murals are involved. The right colour or technique can accentuate the height, making the space feel grander. 

Wallpaper wonders 

Wallpapers can instantly uplift a space. With patterns ranging from subtle textures to bold, graphic designs, they can cater to diverse tastes. However, the art isn’t just in choosing the right design but also in its expert installation and, when the time comes, careful removal—something that the team at Contrast Painting excels with. 

Biophilic designs 

Drawing inspiration from nature, biophilic designs use paint and finishes reminiscent of natural elements. Choose earthy browns, leafy greens, or sky blues to transform homes into serene sanctuaries. Enhance this by pairing with natural wood or stone elements, wall murals of landscapes, or even by introducing indoor plants. 

Suede and texture-coating 

Textured walls have made a comeback. With suede finishes or more dramatic textures, these walls can become the focal point of a room. The play of light and shadow on these surfaces can add depth and intrigue. 

Ombre walls 

The magic of ombre walls lies in the gradient transition. Start with the lightest shade at the top and, as you progress downwards, blend gradually into the darker shade. This seamless transition requires a wet-edge technique where adjoining colours are painted while still wet, ensuring a smooth blend. 

Geometric patterns 

For a striking visual impact, geometric patterns are a great choice. Use painter's tape to demarcate your designs—be it triangles, rectangles, or hexagons. Paint each segment in contrasting or complementing colours, and once dry, remove the tape to unveil sharp geometric shapes. 

Matte finishes 

Matte finishes exude sophistication. Before painting, ensure the wall surface is smooth and free of imperfections. Matte paints tend to accentuate flaws. Use high-quality matte finish paints and pair with contrasting textures in the room, such as glossy furniture or shiny decor, for an enhanced effect. 

Raw, earthy tones 

Opt for paints in terracotta oranges, beige, and deep forest greens. Incorporate complementary decor like jute rugs, pottery, and natural wood to amplify the earthy feel. 

Bold accent walls 

Pick a bold colour contrasting with the room's primary shade. Ensure this wall is devoid of interruptions like windows or doors for maximum impact. Add neutral or complementing decor elements to let the accent wall stand out. 

Neon flashes 

While neon is bold, the key is subtlety. Consider painting trim, door frames, or creating thin borders in neon colours against neutral walls. Neon shades can also be used for small artistic wall details. 

Tactile textures 

Opt for paints that come pre-mixed with textural elements. Application techniques such as sponging, rag rolling, or using a stippling brush can help achieve the desired texture. Remember to choose textures that suit the function and aesthetic of the room. 

Raw industrial finishes 

For an industrial touch, consider paints that mimic the rawness of concrete, exposed bricks, or untreated wood. Specialised finishes and techniques can achieve this look, giving rooms an authentic, urban vibe. 

Dark, moody tones 

Opt for paints in charcoal, navy, or deep burgundy. These shades work best in well-lit or naturally bright rooms to avoid making the space feel smaller. Pair with light-coloured furnishings or metallic accents to offset the depth of the wall colours. 

Retro resurgence 

Blend the retro with contemporary. Avocado greens or mustard yellows can be modernised with sleek furniture or metallic accents. Consider pairing with monochrome to balance out the retro colours. 

Final words 

Every brushstroke, every choice of shade is a reflection of personal taste and the essence of home. As these trends showcase, the art of painting goes beyond mere colours—it’s about capturing emotions, stories, and memories. And while trends guide the way, the canvas of your home deserves the touch of experts. 

At Contrast Painting, we bring decades of experience and passion to the table, ensuring that your home is not just painted but is transformed. Ready to embrace the next trend or carve your own path in the world of home aesthetics? Choose Contrast Painting. Your home's masterpiece awaits. 

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