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Our Tips - Matching Your Roof With Your House Colour

14 March 2022

Whether you are building a new home in Perth or restoring your existing residence, the cohesion between roof and structure are vital to establish a harmonious and collective aesthetic.

From materiality to architectural styles, we have chosen a series of points to consider when matching your roof with your house colour.

Consider the style and materiality

From a hipped roof to flat, gabled to skillion, the orientation and proportion of visibility is a significant part of the colour selection process. Depending on the style, a dark colour could be too dominant and appear overly voluminous in comparison to its foundational structure. To the opposite degree, a deeper toned trim could be just the contrast the house needs to accomplish a striking appeal. If you are having trouble visualising the compatibility of colour combinations, a virtual paint visualiser is a useful tool to take the guesswork out of the experience.
When considering the design element of materiality, there are certain limitations in terms of colour selections and availability. Choosing a particular material could mean fewer hue options acquirable, therefore the flexibility would come down to the colour choice for the external walls. From a different perspective, you might wish to leave the wall materiality unchanged. In the instance of exposed bricks or stone, you would need to consider the embodied earthy tones and explore balanced colour variations to suit.

Planning around the challenging elements

Depending on the material of your existing roof, changing the colour of the exterior walls is most likely the simpler task of the two. Managing the challenging to change elements and simply choosing a complimentary shade not only makes the physical task easier, but the colour scheme decision will be far less complicated also.
Taking under consideration climate and location, the durability and maintenance required could bring you to a faster conclusion. If your roof is the preferred transformation component, then selecting a tone that will not only last but also better withstand the natural elements, is ideal.

What are the characteristics and accents?

Identifying the architectural style of your home can stimulate inspiration, derived from precedential images. Comprehension of popular colour combinations, that are characteristically accurate, ensures a painless task if you are struggling to match your roof with your exterior walls.
Showcasing a coherent elevation can be result of attention to finer details and accents such as gutters and window frames. When matching your roof to the remaining structure, you must consider the house in its entirety. Ensure that everything ties in to produce a collective aesthetic, even if that means broadening your scheme to establish flow.
Many factors can be applied to guarantee a prosperous and co-ordinated overall look. And with these few tips you can step into the process with a more open mind and a clearer understanding. Our experienced team at Contrast Painting Perth specialise in colour and can offer valuable design perspective to ensure you are making the best decision. Get in touch today.


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