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Is It Really Cheaper to Paint Your House Yourself?

15 February 2021

When it comes to painting your house, we’ve all probably thought painting ourselves would be the best option. After all, why hire a professional house painter – when your own labour is free? 

Yet, what about the cost and quality in the long-term? And what about the finished results? 

Is it really cheaper to paint your house yourself? Is it really worth it, too? 

Read more from the professional house painter team at Contrast Painting to find out. 


Choosing the paint yourself 

Like a kid in a candy store, walk into most hardware stores and you’ll be confronted with a range of different brands of paints, textures, colours and tones all claiming to achieve remarkable results.  

Rather than feeling joy (like a kid in a candy store would experience), you might be feeling way out of your depth, frustrated and confused. 

The only recommendation you’ll likely receive is the sales pitch from the paint tin itself. 

Also, how are you to know what is high-quality or low-quality paint products? Time and time again, DIY house painters have bought the wrong paint or product and wasted their money in the process. 

A professional house painter can draw upon years of experience, recommend and utilise paint products to suit your expectations – frustration free, with exceptional results. 


Preparation problems 

Not all paints are the same. You would know this from standing bewildered in front of the paint section of a hardware store. Likewise, not all painting preparation is the same. 

The right finish is not up to sourcing and utilising the right paint alone. 


  • A poor DIY painting job means the joy you get from a DIY painting job will be short lived. 

  • Paint should never be applied to dirty or greasy surfaces. 

  • Thorough preparation should be conducted before painting, including cleaning walls, crack filling and sealing, as well as taping power outlets and power switches. 

To the everyday homeowner, these steps may be forgotten. A professional house painter will never forget the importance of proper painting preparation. 


Why choose a professional house painter instead of DIY? 

You should use a professional house painter for many reasons. 

In summary: 

  • Hiring a professional house painter will save you buying all the paint equipment that you will only use once. 

  • The results won’t be an anxious wait and see – you know you will get quality, professional results, without fail, every time. 

  • A professional house painter is more time and cost-efficient than you would think. We minimise downturn, prepare and clean up after ourselves. 

  • We’re fully qualified and insured for your peace of mind. 

So, is it really cheaper to paint your house yourself? Sure, you’re not paying someone to do it for you, but a professional house painter has years of expert experience in the art. You will be left with a multitude of painting equipment you may never need again and can’t guarantee the end results will meet your own expectations. 


It may be cheaper, but you’re not investing in the long-term. 

Contrast Painting, the house painter professionals guarantees work is always of the highest standard. 


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