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How exterior paint protects your home from the elements and more

16 November 2021

A home’s purpose is to comfortably shelter and protect you from the outside elements.

But what’s protecting your home’s exterior from the elements?

Want to know how exterior paint protects homes from the elements?

Read more from the Perth residential painters at Contrast Painting, to find out.


Protection from the elements

Rain, hail and shine packs a punch on the exterior of your home.

As you might already know, any form of precipitation, even the smallest amount, that gets beneath exterior paint can begin to cause plenty of future issues.

Left untreated, this will likely lead to moisture build up, damaging the wood.

Did you know this also may occur if/when your paint coating begins to chip?

What other weather events have an impact?

·         The sun

Hot, scorching days (like the plentiful Perth summer days) can have a detrimental effect on the paint’s integrity and its overall lifespan.

·         UV Rays

Can make your home’s exterior chalky in appearance, fading the original paint colour of your home.

To protect your home’s exterior, you need high-quality paint and the expert painting practices of a Perth residential painter.


Safeguard against mould and rot

Remember what was said about moisture? It’s not something you ever want in or near your exterior wooden cladding and paint. Unchecked, moisture can build up, sitting inside the wood and even under the surface of your home’s exterior.

As moisture seeps in, wood rot sets in, too. Depending on air quality within your home and what’s going on outside, wood rot all but means mould is soon following.

Wood rot greatly compromises the look, and structural integrity of your home – resulting in extensive and expensive repairs and remodelling.

How to prevent wood rot and mould?

·         Regular checks and maintenance

·         Applying a primer when needed

·         And from the very start, allowing only high-quality paint and the services of a professional Perth painter.


Guard against pests

Bugs, creepy crawlies and all other inquisitive insects have their natural place outside the home – but not inside it. Insects and pests seem like they’re always trying to get inside the home, and once inside they do, prove hard to get rid of.

How to guard against pests?

·         Prevention is key – caulk and then paint around windows and doors. This will seal any small spaces that bugs like to find.

·         Surprisingly, choosing the right colour for your home’s exterior plats a role, as well.

Birds and mosquitos are deterred by white shades, whereas other insects tend to avoid green and blue colours.

Who would have thought that a new paint colour, applied by an expert Perth residential painter could be the answer to prevent pests?


Preserve your investment

Taking good care of your property is necessary to preserve your investment.

Regular maintenance will enhance its upkeep and a fresh coat of exterior paint has the potential to achieve greater aesthetic and functional results.

As the weather heats up and the UV levels rise, is your home’s exterior ready for the challenge?


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