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Can a touch-up suffice instead of repainting the entire wall?

27 September 2022

House maintenance can be challenging, especially when you have kids or pets at home. From scrapes, dirt, debris, scratches and other scuffs on walls, wear-and-tear are inevitable over time. Rather than repainting the wall, why not consider a touch-up? 

The easiest way to cover a scratch or a stain is by giving a touch-up to your wall. Yes, you can really do a touch-up of your wall without painting it entirely. Here's how: 

Be sure to thoroughly check the damaged area

Oftentimes, a wall may have something minor, like a few pencil colour marks created by your 5 year old. Other things can include scratches, or scuff marks. These are easily removable with some careful cleaning. If after analysing the area, you realise this is not the case, then you may proceed with a touch-up. 

Properly prep the damaged area of the wall

Cleaning and prepping the wall is incredibly important prior to a touch-up. Paint works best on a clean surface. You might not notice it, but there can be layers of hidden dust and dirt on your wall, make sure you clean it before starting the touch-up. For prepping the room, you can use some extra fans or other ventilation options, and cover the floors to make the process easy and successful.

Use a latex primer

Priming the wall before the paint can help to create vibrant colouring while enhancing longevity. After cleaning the area, only use latex primer on the area prepped for a touch-up. Let it air dry and once it's completely dry, then start the next step of painting.

Stir the paint 

Make sure that you're using the exact same colour of paint as the rest of the wall. You can use your leftover paint from last time, just open the can, give it a good stir, and then you can begin your painting process. Be careful to not use too much paint as it can mess up the texture of the wall.

Use the same applicator

Texture can mess up the entire aesthetic of your wall. To ensure a smooth touch-up, use the same applicator as the last time and match the texture of the rest of the wall. Did you use a brush or a roller? Go with what you used last time. 

We understand that a touch-up can get more hectic than painting the entire wall. Contrast Painting is here to relieve you of your painting-related stress by offering a bespoke service for your Perth home. Contact us and let us fix your wall for you. Before you head out, be sure to read our article on removing paint before a repaint job here, and explore our article on why you may need to repaint your Perth home here. We look forward to assisting you soon.

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