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Are You Aware Of The Best Time Of The Year For Interior And Exterior Painting?

27 October 2022

Revamping and making over our living spaces is an important task, to make them fresh and liveable.

Painting the exterior and interior not only gives your house a fresh, upgraded, and eye-catching ambience, it also helps to maintain the value of your property, imparting a new life and look.

Painting the house is not something you can do at any time of year. Variations in the weather and other related aspects should be considered before making a start.

Some climatic factors that affect the quality of painting work are:

  • Temperature:  High and low temperatures affect the drying process and finish of the painting job.
  • Humidity: Painted surfaces require extra time to dry in more humid climates.
  • Wind: A windy day is not a good time for house painting. Too much wind makes the paint less adherent to the wall surface, resulting in  cracks and blisters.
  • Rainfall:  When painting, your surface should be as dry as bone, which is impossible when it rains.

Best time of the year for exterior painting:

Painting the house exterior cannot be done in winter. Contrast Painting, the expert house painters Perth, recommend early summer as ideal for painting your house exterior. Climatic factors of early summer offer maintained humidity levels, less rain, and non-bothering fluctuations in temperature from day to night. It helps to achieve the best quality outcome of the painting task.

Best time of the year for interior painting:

For a dynamic and refreshing change to your daily life, there’s nothing like a freshly painted interior of the house. 

Early autumn or even summer are an ideal time to paint your interior.  Summer comes with energy, which can help you make a good decision for renovating your dream house. However, the inside of the house can be painted in winter, too, because the inside of the house is not much affected by rain, humidity, and wind.

Why Contrast Painting? 

Recognising a gap in the market for high quality, fast, clean and professional painters in residential, commercial and luxury finishes markets. Paul and Alain brought together a team of highly trained and dedicated painters to provide a unique European-based quality painting service in Perth. If you need residential painting services, we can help with interiors, exteriors, wood, concrete, plaster and ornamental and delicate finishes.

We are Perth's experts in interior painting. We know that interior residential painting can be a very personal experience. Choosing the right colour can prove difficult. Your life will be shaped by the colours you choose for your walls.  We offer honest and straightforward advice about which colour would work best in each room.
Contrast Painting is your full-service Perth painting company. From small to larger projects, we create visual masterpieces. We have a trained and experienced team in Perth painting services for perfectly painted interiors and exteriors of your valuable house! Contact us today to get your house painted before winter arrives.

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