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4 Surprising Benefits When You Paint Your Home

29 January 2021

Are you browsing home opens and searching for the home of your dreams, or getting your own home ready to be loved by new owners? Either way, you know first impressions count. 

Perhaps you’ve noticed one, two or multiple patchy blemishes on the walls of your home. 

It might have been years since you had your home painted, and just like us, the interior (and exterior) of our homes need some tender, loving care. 

Besides being awe-inspiring, fresh, clean and welcoming – there’s more benefits you will get when you paint your home or buy a freshly-painted property. 

What are they? Read more from the Perth residential and commercial painters at Contrast Painting to find out. 


  1. Damage control 

Walls are something we take for granted. In our homes and in our businesses, they provide strength and support from the elements outside. 

Did you know that when you use a professional Perth painter to re-paint your house, they will be able to detect structural and cosmetic warning signs? 

This includes: 

  • Cracks and peels, 
  • Mould and rising damp, and 
  • Generalised wear and tear of property walls. 

A house and commercial painter in Perth have the tools, skills and paint to maintain your interior and exterior façade and integrity, with the layer of protection that paint provides. 

  1. Paint provides added protection 

Let’s talk more about how paint protects homes. Over time, water leaks, rain, dust and other environmental factors impact the wear and tear of homes and businesses. 


  • Water (where it’s not supposed to be) can decay walls and their paint coating. 

  • These water-damaged structures and paint coats can help insects burrow deep within your home and structure, causing costly, extensive damage. 

So, how does paint help? 

  • Paint provides a barrier between metal and environmental moisture, preventing corrosion and rust, 

  • Paint (if applied professionally) waterproofs wood, and 

  • Internally, paint reduces dust, stains and greasy fingerprints. 

A professional house and commercial painter in Perth will ensure the longevity of your home or business is optimised. 

  1. Energy efficiency 

Did you know a thoughtfully and professionally painted home or commercial property will assist in reducing your energy consumption? 

It’s a lesser-known fact, which strays away from putting the heater on in winter and cool air-conditioning on in summer. 

How does it work? 

  • White and light colour shades reflect the sun, which in turn, cools the temperature in your home or business, whereas 

  • Dark colours will attract natural heat insulation. 

So, depending on where you live, have the knowledge of what colours will suit your home or business. 

Let the team of residential and commercial painters in Perth at Contrast Painting turn your paint desires into reality. 


  1. Increase your comfort, pride and resale value 

Wanting to up the ante on your own living? A residential and commercial painter in Perth will make you feel glad, proud and comfortable in your own home again. 

Wanting to increase the value of your home before putting it on the market? Prospective buyers and tenants love a fresh and professional recently painted property. 

It’s all possible when you choose professional residential and commercial painters in Perth


Need a painter in Perth?  

Contact Contrast Painting today for all your professional residential and commercial painting in Perth. 

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