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Painter’s Tape: How To Get the Best Results With This Pro Product

11 July 2022

Are you aware of what painter’s tape is? In this article, we explore what painter’s tape is, and how it can help you get the best results for your Perth painting project. 

What is ‘painter’s tape’?

Standing out with its bold blue or green colour, painter's tape is valued by DIYers and painting professionals in Perth alike for its ability to create crisp, clean paint lines — without the chance of paint bleeding past the edges. It contains a water repellent surface, so as not to crinkle and ruin the quality of the line. 

Using painter’s tape will help you:

  • Paint straighter
  • Make less of a mess
  • Get a better-looking product

With painter’s tape, does it matter which one I get?

You’ll need to find the right tape for the job. You need a tape that will tightly seal to the surface you’re painting and that will pull off easily, like Scotch Tape or Frog Tape. Cheaper brands that use lower-quality adhesives could impact the quality of a paint job.


What is the accurate way to apply and remove painter’s tape? 

  • Before you apply tape, clean the surface you’re protecting. This helps the tape stick better, and provides a clean surface for paint to stick to.
  • Apply an 18-24” long strip of tape to the ceiling, as close to the edge of the wall as possible.
  • Be sure to roll the tape in long strips 
  • Smooth the tape down, patting it into place, so make sure it seals to the ceiling (this avoids bubbles and wrinkles).
  • Use a putty knife to smooth the painter’s tape into place. 
  • Remove the painter’s tape about an hour after the paint is applied, when it’s dry to the touch.
  • If the paint is pulling up with the tape, feel the paint. If it’s still gummy, wait until it’s hard and dry before you peel off the tape.
  •  If the paint does feel completely dry, use a putty knife or razor blade to score the edge of the tape and break the seal. 
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