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Painting Through Colder Months – Our Advice

24 February 2022

As the saying goes…winter is indeed COMING in Perth! At least in a few months’ time.
But time flies, and before we know it, we will be braving the colder months.
With that being said, how many of you are considering painting your home through the colder months? While many people in Perth consider doing so, others believe it’s not a good idea to paint their Perth home in the winter. While it can work out to your advantage due to a myriad of reasons, it does also come with its challenges.
We here at Contrasting Painting want to discuss the common concerns individuals might have about painting their home over winter, and also offer our advice on how to ensure your painting experience is a success!
Firstly, here are 5 common concerns people have about painting in winter:

  1. That it’s too cold and will adversely affect the paint.
  2. That it will take too long to dry.
  3. That ventilation will be a problem.
  4. And in the case of exteriors, that it’s a job for the dryer months
  5. Or that careful planning can’t lead to outstanding results.
Now, here are our 5 tips to ensure you have a great painting experience through the cold months, that will ensure the above 5 concerns will not be something for you to worry about, should you decide to paint over winter…
  1. Allow suitable time for curing: Pick a preferable time and day carefully to ensure the sun is out for a few hours after you have finished the painting job.
  1. Use appropriate paint: Choosing the right paint can also speed up the curing process and water-based paints obviously can’t be used as the temperature approaches 0. You can see why paint selection is so important.
  1. Keep the paint warm and toasty: While the paint is made specifically for use in cold weather, keeping it warm helps a lot. If you’re storing it in an especially cold place, for instance - outside, it can clump together which is not ideal. Store it in a dry, warm place indoors.
  1. Consider the temperature of the surface you are painting on: If the surface is less than 10 degrees, we do not advise painting on it. We have heard of people using hairdryers to heat the surface up before painting (but that’s on you!)
  1. Use paint conditioners: Overcome paint thickening by using conditioners. Remember to always practice safety and don’t attempt to paint in less-than-ideal weather conditions.
Here at Contrast Painting, we recognise that winter is often a good time for painting your Perth home for a range of reasons – and that choosing to do so can be smarter for you.
Alternatively, you may feel more comfortable speaking to a team of painting service professionals in Perth who will look after your residential painting needs right away. If so, feel free to chat to our team of Perth residential painters. Get in touch.

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