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Exterior painting do’s and don’ts

10 December 2021

To achieve ultimate results from your building’s exterior painting, there’s a list of do’s and don’ts to think about.

Want to know what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to exterior painting?

Find out with the expert Perth painters at Contrast Painting, by reading on.




Think about the weather and the location of your home

When it comes to choosing the type of exterior paint, you must consider the climate where your premises is set in.

Here’s why it’s important:

·       Both heavy rainfall and constant sun exposure can really pack a punch on an exterior paint finish. This is particularly true for ultraviolet (UV) rays.

·       Some exterior paints hold up a lot longer and better than others when exposed to the elements over long periods of time.

·       Along with the above, moisture will affect poor paint jobs and inferior paint formulas, all of which will lead to softening and swelling, cracking, blistering and flaking.

Be mindful of who you choose as your Perth painter and what paint the professionals intend to use.


Choose the right type of paint

As touched on above, the type of exterior paint chosen for your premises, will rely heavily on weather and moisture conditions in your area.

Here are some considerations to make:

·       You should never put latex paint over a coat of oil-based paint. Why? Because it won’t stick – leaving paint literally peeling off your residential or commercial premises.

·       Yes, high-quality paint and using a Perth professional painter will cost more than DIY guesswork, you won’t have to fork out more money to rectify mistakes from poor paint choice and poor workmanship.

Did you know? High quality paint and hiring a quality Perth painter will allow your exterior to hold up better against the elements, retain its spectacular colour, consistently and more attractively, you won’t have to get it re-painted as often.


Consult with expert Perth painters

Arguably the most important on the list of ‘do’s is to research and seek out quotes from Perth painters.

Professional Perth painters are expertly qualified, highly experienced and definitely dedicated to each and every project undertaken.

Remember, painting your exterior can make or break your curb appeal, or how customers view their first impression of your business.




Ignore the neighbouring house colours

In a residential or commercial area, you shouldn’t only pick colours that compliment your home or business, but that of your neighbours, too.

Nobody likes clashing colours, especially ones that can negatively impact the neighbourhood aesthetics.


Risk a DIY disaster

Professional Perth painters exist for a reason. Although homeowners and business owners, like yourself, have pure intentions and great motivation to take on DIY painting – nine times out of ten, the results just aren’t worth it.

When it comes to painting – be it residential or commercial, interior or exterior, simply don’t risk it and rely on professionals who paint for a living.

At Contrast Painting we know the tips and tricks that work, the strokes that provide sublime results and the best quality accessories to get everything done safely, on time and on budget.


Need a professional Perth painter to paint your building exteriors?

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