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Contrast Painting: Your Guide to Interior Painting Perth

30 September 2020

A house is more than a place to live in, it’s a place to call your very own, with personal touches throughout. The interior (and exterior) painting work of a home says a lot about the occupants inside. 

From crisp, white walls to a ruby red feature wall or cool, earthy tones bring beauty to our home interiors. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that matters. So, ask yourself are you proud to come home?

Interior paint jobs - you either love doing it yourself or would rather a professional house painter Perth team do it for you.

Whether you’re a DIY amateur or you want to know how a house painter in Perth works their brush and craft, read more from Contrast Painting to learn about interior painting Perth.
From one room to a whole house
When it comes to interior painting Perth, no job is too big or small for Contrast Painting.
From a re-paint of a tired, dated room to a whole house refresher, we have you covered.

Here’s what our professional house painter Perth team have experience in:
  • Kitchens,
  • Bathrooms,
  • Living rooms and dining rooms,
  • Offices,
  • Hallways and foyers,
  • Bedrooms and nurseries,
  • Activity and sun rooms,
  • Theatres,
  • Windows, ceilings, doors, and
  • On multiple surfaces.

Selling your house or just want your house to wow you again? Your house painter Perth team at Contrast Painting have the best paints, brushes, tools and more importantly, the experience, to liven up any property.
Preparations for interior painting Perth
You may have read our blog on 7 steps to preparing a room for interior painting, but if you haven’t that’s okay…here’s a summary. 
Essentially, all we ask is the removal of small objects and knick-knacks, either into the middle of the room, or outside of it.

Your house painter Perth team will expect to:
  • Move furniture,
  • Protect windows, curtains, blinds, and
  • Other bulky, in-built furniture.

The good news?

We’ll move the furniture back into their original places and clean and clear away any mess made, because that’s an essential part of our service.
Get the right finish with the right house painter in Perth
A painting job can make or break a house’s selling potential and a dodgy paint job will likely leave homeowners and tenants frustrated and disappointed.

That’s why getting the right finish from the right interior painter in Perth is essential.

Who can you trust for the job? Contrast Painting, and here’s why:
  • We specialise in both character homes and modern homes,
  • We use only the best paint, paintbrushes and expertly trained painters,
  • Exceptional service, attention to the finer details, and
  • A guaranteed beautiful finish.

Get the look you want, for yourself or prospective buyers by adding colour and value to your home’s interior. Accentuate a feature wall with a splash of colour, brighten the rooms to inspire and bring peace and clarity, and feel proud of your home again.

For Interior painting in Perth, the reputable artists of the trade at Contrast Painting will make it happen.

Ready for start your interior painting in Perth project?
Contact Contrast Painting today to experience the joy and beauty of a house well-painted.

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