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4 Signs it’s Time to Paint Your Commercial Space

19 April 2021

A commercial space is the home of a business. It can be said that the business owner and employees are the heart of the company which means the commercial space (be it warehouse, building, office etc), is the bones.  

So, it’s important that as a business owner, you look after the bones (aka structural integrity), of your business. You can achieve this with a fresh coat of paint. 

There’s tell-tale, visible signs that it’s time for a building or office to be repainted. 

Want to know four signs it’s time to paint your commercial space? 

Read more from the Perth painters at Contrast Painting to find out. 


  1. Blistering or bubbling paint

Just as our skin can blister in the sun, so can paint. Did you know that paint that bubbles and blisters is indicative of loss of paint adhesion to the underlying surface? 

There’s three main causes behind this: 

  • Sun exposure, 

  • Extreme changes in weather, and/or 

  • Trapped contaminants. 

For instance, humid weather with intense UV rays, could lead to trapped moisture under the exterior wall. The moisture, in its efforts to escape, will cause paint to blister and bubble. 

Blistered and bubbling paint is unsightly, not a cool textured finish. 

You need a Perth commercial painter to rectify blistered and bubbly paint and find the best solution for your commercial space. 


  1. Excessive pressure washing 

Pressure washing is a highly effective, quick and inexpensive way to clean and maintain the exterior of your commercial space. However, more bad than good can eventuate from excessive pressure washing when it comes to your paint. 

Why? Because once water gets inside the wall, it’s impossible for it to evaporate without damaging the paint and surface. 

  1. Faded paint 

Faded painted walls will present themselves quicker on a building’s exterior, than it would its interior. This is especially true if low grade paint and poor painting techniques were used to start with. 

On a more technical scale, this is how paint fades: 

  • UV rays, over time, break down the chemical bonds in the paint. 

The solution? 

The Perth commercial painting team at Contrast Painting are experts in not just knowing what colours will work for your business, but what paint will provide longer-lasting techniques. 


  1. Mould and mildew 

Exposure to the elements, including internal temperatures will take its toll on paint. 

Excess moisture in the air = growth and spread of mould and mildew. 

This is a definite sign that you need a professional Perth commercial painter to repaint your commercial space, protect from moisture and safeguard the bones of your business. 


The Perth commercial painters for the job 

Contrast Painting started from humble beginnings in Perth and has now grown into a highly reputable painting business. 

Why trust in Contrast Painting? 

  • Extensive experience in commercial painting projects, 

  • We communicate with every necessary person to achieve impeccable painting results, 

  • Our full-service painting includes interiors and exteriors, wood, concrete, plaster and more. 

If any of the above signs are affecting your business, Contrast Painting will give your commercial space the fresh coat of paint it deserves. 


Need a commercial painter in Perth?  

Contact Contrast Painting today to freshen up your commercial space. 

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